Savannah Joseph

Savannah Joseph

‘I attended the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer school, hosted by the University of Sydney.

As an indigenous female from North Queensland, I found it an absolutely rewarding experience, and have recommended it to many indigenous and Torrestrait Islander high school students. I obtained  and strengthened many skills and attributes, confidence, teamwork skills, social skills and many, many more. The camp confirmed my interest and love for engineering and I am now enrolled as a full time university student at  UNSW for a combined degree of civil and environmental engineering, I have been doing this degree for less than a semester and I would have to say it is the best decision I have ever made.’

James Curran

James Curran was at school in Rockhampton when he heard about Engineering Aid Australia’s Summer School. Up until then he hadn’t thought much about engineering or engineers but he said the summer school at Newcastle Uni “seemed like an opportunity to go to a different place and see something different”. James went to EAA’s summer… Continue Reading

Neika Chatfield

Attending the IAESS in 2014 really has been what inspired me to do engineering. Before attending this program I was unsure of what exactly it was that I wanted to do, let alone study when I leave school. Meeting so many different people within the engineering and science industry from all different fields and companies,… Continue Reading

Isaiah Turner

Attending the 2015 Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School at Sydney University provided the passion and determination to succeed in Year 12. I have known for a few years that I wanted to be an engineer as Mathematics and Science are my preferred subjects. The Summer School confirmed my career selection and helped me narrow the… Continue Reading

Benson McClelland

I feel that the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School is the reason I wanted to study engineering. Before attending IAESS all I focused on was school, but not really knowing what to do afterwards. I knew I wanted to go to Uni, but I really didn’t have an idea about what to do. But IAESS… Continue Reading

Aidan Train

I attended the IAESS in 2014 as a year 11 student and it was a fantastic opportunity that provided me with some invaluable experiences. During the program, we met industry professionals from firms such as QANTAS and John Holland. We were given one on one time with students who completed, or were in the process… Continue Reading

Harry Sabatino

Harry’s interest in engineering during high school was cemented last year after he took part in the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School (IAESS) in Sydney, followed by work experience with IAESS sponsor Parons Brinckerhoff. “We did every field of engineering so it gave me a good overview of what I could expect” he said. Harry… Continue Reading

Todd Rowling

In year 10, I put in an application for IAESS and was selected. By the end of the program, I had decided engineering was the career for me. It motivated me to study hard for my higher school certificate. Just a few years on and I’m working as an Electrical Engineer in the NSW power… Continue Reading