Igniting Big Dreams 

for First Nation students in High Schools

Who are Engineering Aid Australia?  

Engineering Aid Australia (EAA) is a Not-For-Profit organisation which has been enabling, leading and amplifying the voice for action to increase the participation and outcomes of First Nation young people in Engineering and Technology. 

The IAES provides the students with: 

Our Values are: 

In the past 5 years


First Nations students have attended an IAES


of these students enrolled in an Engineering, Science, or Technology Degree course at an Australian university


of the Indigenous students who enroll in either The University of Sydney’s or Curtin University’s Engineering Faculty are former IAES students

Our Purpose & Passion is to Ignite the big dreams of First Nations youth through increasing education and career opportunities and outcomes in Engineering and Technology. To Acknowledge and respect First Nations history, knowledge and culture as Australia’s first people in the engineering and technology space. 

Our Partners

The success of Engineering Aid Australia and the IAES Program would not be possible without the generous donations and support EAA receives from its Sponsors.  

Host University

Improved First Nations students’ access to STEM and pursuit of STEM studies/careers

Our Students

Increased participation of First Nations students in new STEM experiences

Our Partners

Supporting First Nation students to pursue studies in engineering, technology and applied sciences.