Dale Haynes

Dale’s Story

Subject: Just a Thank You

Hi Tim,

I’m not sure if you remember me but I went to the 2014 Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School at Curtin Uni. At the Summer School we went to Woodside Energy for our experience day and we were introduced to the Woodside Indigenous Cadetship program that they run. After I finished year 12 they contacted me back at the start of this year regarding openings for this cadetship and funnily enough I actually got the position and I’m at this very moment I am at Woodside for the next three months doing my placement. I have just finished my first year at the University of Adelaide doing a bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil and Architecture). Just like to say thank you for the Summer School program and for your efforts.

Thank you,

Dale Haynes
Woodside Energy Engineering Cadet Engineering | Civil & Structural
Woodside Energy Ltd.