Jaden Dzubiel

Jaden’s Story

IAES has helped me in my decision to become an Engineer the camp gave me great connections to the Industry. Getting to know different companies who specialise in Oil and Gas, and Construction type work lead me to ask different questions on what an Engineer actually does.

For the most part of my life, I was left with a lot of uncertainty and no knowledge of what the job entails. It was interesting to know that you can be a Mechanical Engineer specialising in different things like Rotary/Static/Thermodynamics/etc. whereas before, I only thought that a Mechanical Engineer was the specialty.

I am now employed as an Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer in Thermodynamics for Aurecon – A company that was present at the camp. IAES has given me the best opportunity to understand things about myself I wouldnt have known unless I attended the camp. Such as was University life something for me? Or would I consider becoming an Engineer?

Jaden Dzubiel.