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The late Jeff Dobell (1939-2010) had a vision of nation building, community by community, with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students becoming engineers to shape their future. Click here to read to a copy of the obituary that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 17th 2010.

Since its creation in 1996, Engineering Aid Australia has teamed with universities to bring Indigenous high school students to summer schools as an introduction to this profession. Young people who continue their studies and take up an engineering career are supported through a range of scholarships.

EAA also seeks to assist Indigenous young Australians who attend the summer schools by:

  • providing them with financial assistance to help them complete their secondary education and undertake engineering or related courses at University, and
  • helping them find work experience and career opportunities with engineering companies and firms. For these purposes EAA seeks donations from parties who share the same vision.

This philanthropic program is championed by its patron the Hon Bob Hawke AC, and supported by industry leaders, corporations, charitable trusts and private donors.

IAESS Patron:

Patron: The Hon. R. J. L. Hawke AC, Former Prime Minister of Australia

Board of Directors:

EAA Board of Directors

  • Greg Steele (Chair),
  • Annabel Killen,
  • Peter Berry,
  • Dr Jeff McMullen (AM),
  • Emeritus Professor John Carter (AM),
  • John McKillop, 
  • Larissa Andrews,
  • Ben Lange,
  • Catherine Pooley, and
  • Anne Vans-Colina.

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James Curran

James Curran

James Curran was at school in Rockhampton when he heard about Engineering Aid Australia’s Summer School. Up until then he hadn’t thought much about engineering or engineers but he said the summer school at Newcastle Uni “seemed like an opportunity to go to a different place and see something different”. James went to EAA’s summer… Meet the participants