Cate Hollingsworth

Cate’s Story

Cate Hollingsworth

My name is Cate Hollingsworth and I’m an Indigenous woman from Perth, I attended the IAES camp in 2016.

My desire to attend the camp is probably like most year 9 students, not excited or overly happy to be giving up a weeks worth of my time to but forced by a teacher who actually knows weirdly what’s best for you.

Before the camp I intended on working in the medical field as a paediatrician, however once I participated in in the activities at the camp I followed the path to studying chemical engineering and extractive metallurgy at Curtin University.

During the site visits and interactions with other engineers and engineering students has allowed me to make connections within myself that would make me a successful engineer. I chose my course because I enjoy chemistry and the physical components of my course. I was also persuaded with the availability to travel with my career and work in some of the most unique places in the world. Without the IAES camp I really do not believe I would be studying engineering.