Taylor Cortez

Taylor’s Story

Taylor Cortez IAES 2015 Curtin

I am currently in my third year studying architecture at Curtin after having a change of heart, switching interest from engineering towards a course that involved a little more freedom in terms of creative design and yet in a sense still be somewhat technical, which I am finding to be more of a balance.

So far the course has been challenging at times as there is quite a lot of content to learn meaning it can be non stop throughout the semesters, but I’m also finding the course to be very rewarding especially with the great study opportunities that are on offer in this field.

I anticipate next semester to be quite a handful as I will be completing four units but I am planning on an overseas Internship at the end of the year, something that will be worth working towards.

With regards to my experience with the IAESS Program that I attended in 2015, I found it to be a memorable experience.

I enjoyed meeting and getting to know genuinely, like-minded people and taking the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone in such a positive environment. Also, the planned activities/visits/networking were an eye opener and helped guide my future study related decisions.

Overall, I took a lot from the experience and look forward to hopefully catching up with some old friends at the upcoming Reunion dinner.