EAA Director, Kevin Hopkins, receives donation made by RTSA

EAA Director, Kevin Hopkins, receives from Railway Technical Society of Australasia’s Graham Holden, a generous donation made by RTSA on behalf of all presenters and session chairs at its Conference on Railway Excellence ( CORE) 2021. RTSA’s activities include promoting the rail industry as a unique place to build an engineering career.

Jarod’s Story

Jarod Grining Coming from an isolated Tasmanian town, I had never experienced anything quite like the Indigenous Australian Engineering School before. The IAES gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from skilled professionals, visit sites and headquarters where innovations are made daily, and see first-hand the technologies and processes that shape the engineering industry. […]

Chloe’s Story

Chloe Radoll Being in the IAES camp in 2018 really helped me to cement my love in engineering and more specifically mechatronics engineering. Being in year 10 at the time it gave me the opportunity to explore all aspects in engineering but also the more specific side of mechatronics. I enjoyed being able to meet […]

Connor’s Story

Connor Hughes In 2019 I was privileged to participate in the Indigenous Australian Engineering schools summer camp. This was an unbelievable experience which truly cemented my passion for becoming an engineer and for this I am incredibly appreciative. At first, I was hesitant as what engineering field I wanted to study at university. Although I […]

Miranda’s Story

Miranda Mahoney Excited to see what the future holds In November 2020, Miranda Mahoney graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Miranda attributes her interest in engineering to attending IAES as a Year-12 student, saying it opened my eyes to the possibilities of an engineering career. “Studying engineering […]

Courtney’s Story

Courtney Ryder came to the first IAESS in 1998. In 2021 Courtney gained her PhD from the University of New South Wales  for her thesis which focused on understanding the nuanced ways in which health inequity manifestations impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Listing all of her inspiring achievements would require much more […]