Jaden’s Story

Jaden Dzubiel

IAES has helped me in my decision to become an Engineer the camp gave me great connections to the Industry. Getting to know different companies who specialise in Oil and Gas, and Construction type work lead me to ask different questions on what an Engineer actually does. For the most part of my life, I […]

Joshua’s Story

Josh McLeod at microphone

The IAES camp was what really started me on my path to becoming an engineer. Before the camp I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after the camp, it opened my eyes on what a great career engineering would be. I am a member of AIME and I have volunteered with various other […]

Lucas’s Story

Lucas Bachmann

I was privileged enough to be one of the grade 11 or 12 students invited to attend the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School (IAESS) at the University of Sydney during January 2016. This summer school played a big part in my goals for study for the remainder of high school and university, whilst providing me […]

Cate’s Story

Cate Hollingsworth

Cate Hollingsworth My name is Cate Hollingsworth and I’m an Indigenous woman from Perth, I attended the IAES camp in 2016. My desire to attend the camp is probably like most year 9 students, not excited or overly happy to be giving up a weeks worth of my time to but forced by a teacher who actually knows […]

Jack’s Story

Jack Coppins

Summary – IAES Communities session presentation, January 2020 Jacks Story by Jack Coppins – Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer, Aurecon &Former IAES Student (2015) My engineering pathway began when my teacher asked me what kind of job I wanted to pursue after school. I didn’t really have a dream job or any real idea of what I […]

Ezra’s Story

Ezra Jacobs-Smith

100 Days of Deadly Mob 22 November 2016 · Ezra Jacobs-Smith, Whadjuk, Yued and BallardongNyoongar, English and Irish “I studied mining engineering for three years and learnt a lot about the mining, and oil & gas industries in that time – particularly how dependent we have become on them. The benefits of mining, our homes, cars, […]

Jordan’s Story

Jordan Salmon

Jordan Salmon IAES 2018 JDM 2020 Article In 2018, when I was between grades 10 and 11, I was a part of the Indigenous Australian Engineering School. IAES activities, like climbing the Sydney HarbourBridge and attending a workshop with Honeywell in the Sydney Opera House, allowed me to see that engineering is all around me. […]

Neika’s Story

Neika Chatfield

Neika Chatfield Attending the IAESS in 2014 really has been what inspired me to do engineering. Before attending this program I was unsure of what exactly it was that I wanted to do, let alone study when I leave school. Meeting so many different people within the engineering and science industry from all different fields […]

Taylor’s Story

Taylor Cortez

Taylor Cortez IAES 2015 Curtin I am currently in my third year studying architecture at Curtin after having a change of heart, switching interest from engineering towards a course that involved a little more freedom in terms of creative design and yet in a sense still be somewhat technical, which I am finding to be more of a balance. […]

Dale’s Story

Dale Haynes

Subject: Just a Thank You Hi Tim, I’m not sure if you remember me but I went to the 2014 Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School at Curtin Uni. At the Summer School we went to Woodside Energy for our experience day and we were introduced to the Woodside Indigenous Cadetship program that they run. After […]